Welcome to Von Praxx kennels. We are a small breeding kennel situated in the Lockyer Valley specialising in working German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dogs. We strive to produce strong, structurally sound and well balanced dogs for law  enforcement, dogsport or active family companions and protectors. 

The 'working dog' title is not a birth right, it must be earned.  All of the dogs owned and utilised in our breeding program are in development for IPO dogsport or law enforcement  work and have demonstrated the essential characteristics to excel in a working environment. Courage, strength, speed, loyalty, protective and adaptive to new environments.

Our dogs have been placed with police, corrections, military, sport, security and family homes. Puppies are born with varying degrees of genetic characteristics and not every dog produced from working lines is suitable for every purpose. We conduct extensive testing on all our puppies to ensure each dog is suited to its new environment. We also take an interest in the puppies development, no matter the application and offer a lifetime of support to all Von Praxx dog owners.   



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Helidon Spa, QLD, Australia
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